Below is the online version of the Florida Region Event Sanction Application Form.  This form can be used for Junior Tournaments, Junior Tryouts, Adult Tournaments, Beach Tournaments, Coaching Clinics, Scrimmages, Camps, Official's Clinics, Power Leagues or Leagues.  With the online application form you can submit your event information and pay online for quicker sanctioning of your events in the Florida Region.  (IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL events must be sanctioned in advance to ensure that insurance coverage will be in force.  Unsanctioned events are against Florida Region policies and the Event Director will be subject to a fine and/or suspension.)

Complete the information below and you will be redirected to a confirmation screen with instructions on how to remit the appropriate sanction fee.  (Note: This application is to be completed prior to an event and should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event.)  Once your completed Application and your required fee is received in the Region Office, a Sanction Number will be issued.  The individual submitting the sanction request will receive confirmation via email.  Once your event is posted it is considered to be fully sanctioned and eligible for USA Volleyball insurance coverage.

Please contact the Region Office at (352) 742-0080 if you have any questions on this form.