Please use this form to renew your USAV Club or apply to be a  USAV club for the 2020  season. All clubs are required to renew each USAV season. Please have all items required at the time of renewing. Contact Michele Moriarty, Florida Region of USAV Registrar at if you have any questions regarding renewal.


The New Club Director Meeting is REQUIRED for 1 Director of each new club. If your club was new in the 2018-2019 season and you did not attend the meeting in December of 2018, attendance at the 2019-2020 New Club Director Meeting is required


Any new club director(s) of any club, no matter how many years the club has been active, must attend the NEW CLUB DIRECTOR MEETING. Note: Clubs/club directors that are required to attend and do not will incur a $500 fine and will not be recognized as a USAV club in good standing until the fine has been paid. This is a standing mandate from the Florida Region Board of Directors.

Items covered in this meeting:

Introduction/Corporate Overview
1.       Website Review 
2.       Forms Page 
3.       Region Events – Indoor & Outdoor 
4.       Bids/Ranking 
5.       Marketing/Branding/Social Media 
6.       Membership Management System/Team Rosters
7.       HP – Indoor & Beach 
8.       Education – Juniors & Coaches 
9.       Risk Management/SafeSport 
10.     Best Practices
           Q & A Session

Once you submit your club application form,  you will receive a confirmation email with link to register for the NEW CLUB DIRECTOR MEETING. 

The meeting will be held Saturday October 26, 2019 at the Florida Region office in Eustis, Florida. 

As a reminder: The Player Commitment Form will be available September 3rd. 

This is the only form that will be legally binding with the Florida Region to hold a player at your club for the remainder of the season.  Only current year player commitment forms, issued by the Florida Region, will be considered valid.  Prior year forms will be invalid.